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Doubling Capacity in Motor Controls Production

Process Improvement leads to doubling output in Motor Controls Production.

Capital’s senior management sought to increase the output capacity of MCC production without expanding the physical footprint at the Rathcoole location, which had already reached full capacity. After extensive discussions, the Process Improvement Manager took on this challenge.

Motor Control manufacturing is complex, requiring expertise in both design and production. Additionally, MCC units must be customised to meet specific local standards and regulations, including both IEC and UL standards, adding to the complexity of the process.


Over a two-month period, several key process improvements were implemented to achieve the desired results:

  1. Subdivision of Processes: The manufacturing process was divided into sub-assemblies to simplify each step and allow for quickly scaling production.
  2. Production Floor Reorganisation: The Production floor was reorganised to optimise workflow.
  3. Automation: New cabling automation equipment was introduced to streamline pre-assembly.
  4. Specialised Training: Staff received specialised training to enhance their skills and efficiency.

Motor Controls Production at Capital Switchgear

Lean manufacturing principles were applied to reduce waste and improve overall productivity. Additionally, a new quality control system was put in place to ensure all units met the required standards without compromising speed. Quality controls were carried out at the end of each sub-assembly point, allowing any problems or issues to be caught early, thus creating efficiencies throughout the process. These changes collectively led to a significant increase in output, effectively doubling the production capacity within the existing space. This new process is quickly scalable to meet increases in demand and is sustainable for long-term growth.



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