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Finbarr's Journey


Finbarr Kelly's Journey: A THREE DECADE VOCATION

A vocation

If ever there was a man that would be suited for the job of testing

panels, Finbarr is him. For him, his electrician work is a vocation,

not a job. A career that started three decades ago.


Finbarr and his story

Thirty years ago, just two days after finishing his leaving certification

exams, Finbarr started working. Initially, as a General Operative,

he was offered an apprenticeship a few months later.

He hasn’t stopped since.


He qualified as an Electrician 4 years later and has worked with switchgear and motor control centers ever since. He has led teams of electricians and apprentices, both on-site and in the workshops.  

He enjoys the sense of achievement of finishing a panel.

“Knowing I am the last person to test the board and give it the all-clear is very satisfying. Knowing that the panel is fit for site and is safe is one of the greatest responsibilities and also the best feeling of the job”.


A sense of responsibility to others

Finbarr understands the dangers of working with electricity, both to himself when testing the panels and to others when installing them at the clients’ site. He has a strong sense of responsibility and takes his job extremely seriously. His respect and consideration for others are palpable.

Finbarr enjoys keeping his brain busy during work time and his spare time. After a day’s work, where he needs to concentrate at all times, he unwinds. It doesn’t mean that he does something easy and mindless; no! Instead, his hobby is repairing old classic cars! He is currently taking apart and rebuilding a 20-year-old BMW 3 Series.

Finbarr has a sentimental link in this particular hobby because it reminds him of his dad, a retired mechanic.

Finbarr watched him work on the cars from a very young age and sometimes even helped when his dad let him.

He loves sport too. 

He supports Kildare GAA County team, but his true love is Formula One. He is looking forward to one day attending a live Formula One race. For now, though, during these uncertain covid times, he is happy to spend time with his family and extended family, whom all live locally in Kildare and unwind tinkering with the old BMW.

What do we learn from Finbarr?

Love what you do. Find your passion. Work hard. The emotional rewards are immense, shining light during darker times.



And for all of us who work with Finbarr, we know that the switchgear that leaves our doors will be safe because they have been tested according to Finbarr’s high standards and careful watch.

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