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Aaron's Journey


Aaron's Journey: From Apprentice to Project Manager


Through determination, passion, and hard work, Aaron's progression

with Capital Switchgear over the last 7 years has been remarkable.

He joined Capital Switchgear in June 2014 as a young 20-year-old,

part-time employee and by 2019 he had qualified as a full-time

Electrician. By 2021 he had completed the Project Management

course and been promoted to Project Manager within

Capital Switchgear.


The Beginning of Aaron's Journey

Aaron's journey with Capital began when he was just 20 years old.

He didn't know if his career path would be a construction job or one

in the electrical industry, but he wanted to do something different.

At that age, he joined Capital Switchgear, where he learned about

the electrician’s world and more importantly working as part of a



Aaron's Progress at Capital Switchgear

Aaron's next step was to complete his apprenticeship.  The programme started training in Dún Laoghaire college and practical coaching in Capital Switchgear. The apprenticeship involved attending DIT Kevin Street and GMIT in Galway also.  After 4 years of intense working and learning, Aaron qualified as an Electrician.   

“The support I received from Capital Switchgear gave me the confidence to go on to further education, and I'm very proud of the qualifications I've achieved.” said Aaron.

It was not long after that his interest in Project Management became clear and he approached the company to facilitate his studies further. Capital Switchgear aided Aaron both financially and with flexible working arrangements. By 2021 Aaron had completed the course on Project Management and received a promotion to become a Project Manager within the company. Capital Switchgear would like to congratulate Aaron on reaching this outstanding milestone.


How does Aaron make his progress?

Aaron's successes can be attributed to his diligence in his work and studies. He has attended classes on-and-off since 2014, giving him the time to develop his talent for building up the most important skills. He is now a full-time Project Manager with Capital Switchgear with a vast learning experience under his belt. What opportunities are out there for those who want to progress in their work and training? There are many opportunities available when joining Capital Switchgear for those who want to progress their careers.  The only requirement needed is persistence, effort, and a good attitude towards working and learning.  


The Future of Aaron's Journey

Aaron's journey at Capital Switchgear is far from over, he is now considering studying for an Electrical Engineering Degree.  The company will be thrilled to support this next chapter with him.




Capital Switchgear pride themselves on employing a diverse workforce and the support they offer their staff for growing professionally and personally.  All of Capital Switchgear's apprentices are trainees, they are all motivated to learn and have great initiative, and are all willing to put in the hard work. Not only do we have great workers who are actively learning and keen to progress in their career, we have great working relationships with them. This is evident from our continued success with apprentices and many young people who continue to see Capital Switchgear as a great place to work.

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